Spike, one of Chris’s cats

“Kari has been working with my family and our animals for over 15 years.  She started with my late father’s dog, Jethro.  Kari walked Jethro on weekends and stayed at my dad’s house when he traveled abroad.  During that period, when my father got ill, Kari always stepped up and took on additional walks.  When Jethro passed, I don’t think my father would have considered another dog, if he didn’t have Kari to rely upon.  Next came Barney.  Barney came full of anxiety and was extremely leash aggressive.  Largely due to Kari’s patient support, Barney turned into the perfect companion for my father.  Over the years my father walked Barney less and less, and Kari added walks when needed.  Kari was always reliable, dependable, and trustworthy.  Sadly, my dad passed away this past summer.  Kari spent a lot of time comforting Barney, who was grieving for my father, until we could re-home him with my sister.  Most recently, when my sister went away, Kari took care of Barney and my sister’s other dog Ruthie for a week in their home.  Finally, Kari has always taken great care of my cats when I am out of town.  She is an expert at giving them pills, and that’s not easy.  All of the animals adore her.  That’s three dogs, 5 cats, and 3 Fahey pet owners giving Kari the highest recommendation.”  Christine Fahey, Chicago

dogs dogwalking

Barney and Kari

dogs dog walking

Ruthie and Barney


“My wife and I hired Kari to give our dog Max daily walks when we lived in Chicago.  Kari was always on time, professional, thorough, and loving in her care of Max.  Max is an older dog with some chronic health issues, and Kari enthusiastically helped us keep track of Max’s symptoms.  Kari has years of experience caring for animals, and was able to suggest some ways to help mitigate Max’s symptoms. We were very glad we hired Kari.”  Kevin A., Washington, DC

dogs dog walking senior dogs

Spice, 15 years old

dogs dog walking

Bear, a senior dog


“None of the issues that you experience with your current dog walker come into play with Kari.  In the past, I dealt with no shows, walkers charging for longer than they delivered, and many displaying just a lack of common sense. With two large male dogs who are sliding into their senior years, I sought the absolute finest care for my boys.  Kari delivered bigger than I ever could have imagined.  My German Shepherd is a rough case, and Kari handles him as if they’d known each other for years.  My Ridgeback is an explosive and stubborn handful, but he’s now so in love with Kari.  Aside from being available on short notice, and being so cognizant of my boys’ care, what it really boils down to is this…I don’t worry.  I don’t worry when I’m at work, when I have late events…or when I need a weekend free.  I don’t worry about them.  In fact, I’m kinda glad, because I know my boys are being physically and emotional nourished through Kari.”  Lane R., Chicago

“Kari has cared for my cats since 2012.  At that time, she cared for Pedro and Boa, who were twelve years old at the time.  Pedro had some health issues and needed medication daily, and both were very shy which Kari handled perfectly.  In 2016, I had a family emergency and thankfully Kari was there.  She stopped in immediately with little notice to check on Pedro and Boa for several weeks when I was out of town.  She went above and beyond, even going to my vet to pick up their prescription food.  Sadly, both Pedro and Boa died in 2017.  In 2018, I was thrilled to welcome two kittens, Sam and May, to my family.  Kari has cared for them whenever I am out of town.  I am very grateful to have such a trusted person care for my cats all of these years.”  Stacia W., Chicago


Pedro and Boa

Pedro and Boa rolling around in catnip

pet care

Mocha-Allison M.’s cat

“Both of our cats have been on medication, so it can be stressful to leave them at home. Kari has been a wonderful and reassuring resource. She’s great at the day-to-day care and attention and is able to administer medication and handle any potential medical issues that may arise.”  Allison M., Wilmette

Pet Sitting cats dogs

Jack and Milo

“Kari provided exceptional care for our pets.  Our dog Jack just loved her, and it was clear that Kari cared deeply about Jack and his well-being.  Kari was extremely reliable and communicative, and provided detailed reports to us.  We loved to hear that Jack was happy and curious, and we also appreciated that Kari let us know when Jack was feeling under the weather.  Kari stayed at our home with Jack and our cat Milo when we had extended trips.  We relied on and trusted Kari.  My wife and I enthusiastically recommend her!”  John L.,Connecticut

dogs dogwalking Petsitting pets

Jack with some of his admirers

dog Australian Shepherd

Jack, John L.’s Australian Shepherd

pet care

Khan and Thorin, Candice K.”s cats

“Kari took wonderful care of our two kitties when we were away from them overnight or for more than a week. From ongoing experiences with her watching our pets, we trusted her to care for them in a professional, yet loving way. When we returned home, they were always happy and well-cared for. We would recommend her services to anyone looking for quality pet care.”  Candice K., Gold Coast

pet care

Tapioca-Elizabeth O’s cat

“Kari was a very reliable cat sitter for me for two years as I traveled several times a month. My cat needed medication – both pills and liquids – and Kari never had any problems administering them to her (though I did!). Kari was “conscious” and conscientious. I would not hesitate to highly recommend her.”   Elizabeth O., Evanston

pet care

Aki and Niko-Erin H’s dogs

“Words cannot express how grateful I was for Kari and all she did  for my “children.” She helped us to care for my 14 year old who passed away after successfully battling cancer and not so successfully battling Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. She cared for our Akita mix, who had both Cushing’s and Addison’s (resulting in her doing her share of pee duty in the house – which was not requested, but oh so appreciated). And then she began caring for the cattle dog we adopted, Niko. We would never have felt good about leaving town or being gone to work for extended periods if we did not have Kari in our lives. She was beyond reliable, completely trustworthy, and so, so dedicated to her work and those put in her care. We’ve tried many a caregiver over the years, here and in California, and she far, far, far surpasses all of them. Worth her weight in gold and then some. Thank you Kari!”  Erin H., Minnesota

“Kari walked my greyhound Joy for four years while I lived in Chicago.  She was without a doubt the best dog walker I had in Chicago and better than the others I have had since moving to North Carolina.  Not that the other walkers have been bad, they just weren’t Kari.  The only reason I stopped using Kari was that I moved out of state.  Kari understood how sensitive Joy was, and she seemed to understand and appreciate my girl Joy more than most other people aside from me.  I would pay for 20 minute walks but Kari always spent more time than that with Joy.  I lived down the street from Berger Park by the lake and the Loyola Campus.  She would take Joy out let her lie happily in the grass while Loyola students fawned over her.  Joy got so much love and attention when she was with Kari.  Even after I moved away, Kari offered to talk to the new walker and share important things about my dog that a walker should know.  Kari was always dependable.  Almost always available at the last minute when I needed extra help on a sick day.”  Stacy F., North Carolina

Walking with Joy in Berger Park