Pet Sitting

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Peanut and Noodles

Dogs pet sitting

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Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

“You won”t be able to go on that trip without your shoe.” Beau

When you are out of town, having your animals stay in your home is often the most comforting option for them.  Their home is their territory; it is familiar and daily routines can be maintained in your absence.

What you want for your animals is going to determine the kind of pet sitting job and the fee; whether that is live-in (my staying overnight) or live out (multiple visits in a 24 hour period depending upon your animals’ needs).


Olivia yawning

There is also the added benefit of having a trusted person in your home to maintain mail and newspaper service, water plants, and ensure that your home is safe and secure while you are away.

Live-out Pet Sitting

dogs petsitting pets

Darby rolling around in the grass–one of her favorite things to do

I will make as many visits to your home as you decide is necessary for your animals.  The length of time for the visits is up to you, as is the time period for the visits.  Fees are based on the length of the visit, the number of animals to care for, walks on leash or visits to the park/dog beach.


Darby and Norton at the beach

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Jack with some of his admirers

Live-in Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Jack and Mylo

This is generally the best option for more complete care of dogs, especially a dog or dogs who are not used to being left alone, who become anxious when their guardian is away, or dogs who are older or have health issues or disabilities.  The number of visits in the day is determined by what you want for your dog.  An early morning walk and late night walk, is determined by your dog and situation (some dogs go to the park in the morning, or if you live in a house and the dog just goes out in the yard at 10 pm, for example).  I will stay overnight at your house, providing companionship for your dog.  Fees are based on the number of visits in the day, the number of animals to care for, maintenance of your home (watering plants/flowers/recycling/garbage/mail, etc.) and staying overnight.


What Chihuahua does not need a crown?

Pet sitting for a cat or multiple cats are considered cat visits, listed on another page. 

Pet sitting for a dog or multiple dogs, or a dog and a cat, or multiple dogs and cats, is covered on this page.