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Professional Pet Care

Pet Care

Nellie and Kari

Choosing a pet care provider,  dog walker, or someone to care for your cat, is an issue of trust—that this person will care for your dog or cat in the way closest to how you care for them.  And it is not just about caring for your animals, but also trusting this person in your home when you are not there.  It is a working relationship between the guardian, the animal and me, as the substitute pet care provider.

I started my business in 2003, working primarily with dogs and cats; dog walking and pet sitting, and cat visits. At the time, I lived with a dog and a cat, and yet I knew that caring for other people’s animals was going to involve more than just my own ideas for what is best for the pet care.  It meant that I had to learn about dogs, from understanding the breeds, to behavioral issues, and how to form a successful relationship with each dog.  It meant that I had to learn about cats, and their language, so I could work with them in a way that was both sensitive and respectful.


Getting the booties on Zoe

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And I did that in the early years of my business—the research that enabled me to understand the animals I was entrusted to care for.  Then I gained experience over time.  Of course, an integral part of the work I do is with the clients, the guardians of the dogs and cats who hire me and trust me to care for their animals when they are at work or on vacation. Professional pet care involves listening to both the animals and their guardians.



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Over the years, I have also developed the skills and sensitivities to care for pets with medical issues, disabilities and special needs.  I am trained in Animal First Aid and CPR from the Red Cross and the Anti-Cruelty Society.

The Anti-Cruelty Society

The Anti-Cruelty Society and the Red Cross of Illinois provide certification in First Aid & CPR for animals.

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I have had a criminal background check from the state of Illinois.  We have legal contracts with all of our clients as we discovered that being bonded and insured does not cover what clients assume it might, e.g. any incident stemming from negligence (animals or property).


Karma not ready for the morning walk…


Simon, Fonzie and Shirley



To learn more about my work with animals, you can follow me on Twitter at Conscious Pet Service or on my YouTube channel.

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