Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Nellie and Kari

Daily dog walking is an important part of your pet’s health and well being. When you live with a dog, or multiple dogs, taking them out for a walk or to the park is just something you do day after day, year after year.  It becomes a natural part of both of your lives.

Dogs pets swimming

Wilbur, Waldo and Kari swimming in Lake Michigan

A dog walker is the substitute, the person who will care for your dog when you are not able to do so.

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Bella and Kari

The relationship I form with each dog I walk is the most important aspect of my work with each dog, as everything that happens between us is going to flow from this foundation.  Walking a dog five days a week, year after year, builds a long term relationship of trust and care between me and the dog.  I get to know each dog well; I watch the dog go through stages of their life, through illness or injuries, and I learn how best to support the dog as he or she ages.


Having one dog walker has its benefits; I form a deep bond with each dog over time. There is trust, dependability and reliability, and I have a sense of what is normal for each dog or when the dog does not seem well.

I provide either leashed walks with one dog at a time, or with multiple dogs from one household, and off leash play at a dog park or dog beach.

Individual Dog Walks.

dogs dogwalking

Darby and Juliette

dogs dogwalking

Nellie, Kari and Lucy

°         $12 for a 20 minute walk

°         $15 for a 30 minute walk

°         $18 for a 45 minute walk

°         $25 for a 60 minute walk

 Additional Dogs

°         $3 for each additional dog

 Off Leash Play

°         Variation of individual walk fees dependent upon:  travel to park or beach.  Please provide a ball or other retrievable toy for your dog(s).

Dog Walking

Jack and Pepe at the park

dog walking

Teddie, Harley and Bayer

 Additional Fees

°         $5 additional fee for a walk before 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m.

°         $5 additional fee for walks on Saturday and Sunday

°         $10 additional fee for a walk scheduled on a major holiday


Daily notes are a part of the service provided.

dog walking

Nellie and Kari