Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Nellie and Kari

Daily dog walking is an important part of your pet’s health and well being. When you live with a dog, or multiple dogs, taking them out for a walk or to the park is just something you do day after day, year after year.  It becomes a natural part of both of your lives.

Dogs pets swimming

Wilbur, Waldo and Kari swimming in Lake Michigan

A dog walker is the substitute, the person who will care for your dog when you are not able to do so.

dogs dogwalking

Barney and Kari

The relationship I form with each dog I walk is the most important aspect of my work with each dog, as everything that happens between us is going to flow from this foundation.  Walking a dog five days a week, year after year, builds a long term relationship of trust and care between me and the dog.  I get to know each dog well; I watch the dog go through stages of their life, through illness or injuries, and I learn how best to support the dog as he or she ages.

Having one dog walker has its benefits; I form a deep bond with each dog over time. There is trust, dependability and reliability, and I have a sense of what is normal for each dog or when the dog does not seem well.

I provide either leashed walks with one dog at a time, or with multiple dogs from one household, and off leash play at a dog park or dog beach.

Individual Dog Walks.

dogs dogwalking

Nellie, Kari and Lucy

°         $12 for a 20 minute walk

°         $15 for a 30 minute walk

°         $22.50 for a 45 minute walk

°         $30 for a 60 minute walk

Additional Dogs

dogs dog walking

Nellie and Lucy

°         $3 for each additional dog

 Off Leash Play

Fees are a variation of regular dog walking fees, plus travel if required.  Please provide toys for your dog(s) if that is what they love to exercise with and dog towels for when we return to your home.

dogs petsitting

Wilbur and Waldo

Dog Walking

Jack and Pepe at the park

 Additional Fees

°         $5 additional fee for a walk before 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m.

°         $5 additional fee for walks on Saturday and Sunday

°         $10 additional fee for a walk scheduled on a major holiday

Daily notes are a part of the service provided.



dog walking

Nellie and Kari