COVID-19 Update

Zoe and Kahlua walking together in Rogers Park

We are still providing services during the pandemic for people who live with animals. Now we all know more about how to keep ourselves safe and healthy, to the best of our ability, we have set up safety measures and protocols to reflect this.

For dog walking clients, we pick up your dog or dogs ourside your home, either in a foyer or on an outside porch. Some clients are in meetings when we come, so if the client can put the harness and coat or sweater on, we just open the door and the dog comes to us! We use our own leashes. And we communicate via text, email or phone call about your dog’s walk, their health status/GI update, any other issues, etc.

For cat visits, those are still of course, done in your home. Given what we now know about how long the virus lives on surfaces, we are careful about where we are in your home and what we touch. We will sanitize what we touched on the last visit.

Interest in our services/Meet and Greets: Usually we are contacted by potential clients by email, text or a phone call to begin with. A few texts, emails or a phone call, and we can get a sense if it would be a good fit or not. If so, we can meet outside, masked, for dog walking clients. The paperwork can either be mailed or emailed. If we are hired, we can also give you the paperwork when we pick up the keys before the first job. With cat visits, we can email or mail the paperwork, or when we pick up the keys we can give you the paperwork at that time. Instead of us going into your home, even wearing a mask, we have asked clients to make a video showing us their cats and where everything is that we will need to do the job. Please include which lock or locks to use on both the front and back doors, what lights you would like left on, mail pick up, plants watered, etc. It might be a little startling when we walk in on the first visit as your cats haven’t seen us before, but that is where we will work our magic…

Simon, Fonzie and Shirley