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Cat Visits

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Dresden in his tunnel


Pedro and Boa

Cat visits are almost always scheduled when their guardians are out of town, so it is a bit like pet sitting.  The visit is really about what you want for your cat or cats.  Sometimes it is simple; adding dry food or giving wet food, changing the water, and cleaning the cat box.  If your cat is shy or does not need companionship when you are away, this is generally what the visit would be like.  Some cats have a different diet, like cooked food or a raw diet, which takes a little more time to prepare.  And many cats become anxious, depressed or lonely when their guardians are away, so time spent hanging out with your cat, giving him or her love and affection, can be a part of the visit.  In my experience, bonding with the cat and spending time with him or her, can greatly alleviate anxiety, depression and loneliness.  The goal is for your cat to be well taken care of, not just with food, water and a clean cat box, but your cat feels emotionally secure and content.

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Playing with Harriet


$12 for a 20 minute visit

$15 for a 30 minute visit

$22.50 for a 45 minute visit

$30 for a 60 minute visit

cats cat visits


Cat visits

Jazz waiting for food

Cat visits

Jazz and Kari


Comforting Bella